Helix DSP.3S

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Newest Helix DSP with ACO platform

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Refining our standards
The HELIX DSP.3S is our new definition of the standard for digital signal processors. Continuously refined, this 8-channel DSP presents numerous improvements in detail. Besides the obligatory optical digital input, an additional coaxial digital input now provides the best conditions for connecting high-resolution signal sources with a sampling frequency of up to 192 kHz.

Most advanced technology for ultimate High-Res sound experience
The 64 Bit audio DSP of the latest Sigma350 generation and a throughout, native high resolution signal processing with 96 kHz sampling rate as well as A/D and D/A signal converters from BurrBrown provide outstanding sound quality. This makes the DSP.3S perfectly prepared for processing High-Res audio signals with a bandwidth of more than 40 kHz.

ACO – Advanced 32 Bit CoProcessor platform
Of course, the DSP.3 is also equipped with our proprietary 32 Bit ACO platform. This not only takes over all control tasks ultra-fast, but also the lightning-fast switching between up to ten possible sound setups. But ACO offers much more – fantastic sound effects such as Augmented Bass Processing or StageXpander are implemented as well as a channel-separated Input EQ including Input Signal Analyzer (ISA) for easy analysis and compensation of input signals of OE radios, which already include a sound setup by default.

Practice-oriented features for maximum connectivity
The sophisticated features of the DSP.3S offer everything for easy connection to factory radios or multi-channel factory sound systems. In addition to the smart highlevel input with ADEP.3 circuit, an optical and now also a coaxial digital input, an Auto Remote switch as well as a HEC slot for system expansions such as Bluetooth® HD audio streaming etc. are also part of the basic equipment.

But that’s not all – The new Smart Control Port (SCP) was implemented during the DSP.3S review process. This allows the multifunctional connection of accessory products and now even takes over their complete power supply. The solid design with snap-in function guarantees a stable connection while helping to prevent plug and cable damage and thus facilitates compact, space-saving installation concepts.

Focus on the essentials
HELIX-typical, clean and very compact design – therefore, the DSP.3S offers ideal conditions for quick and easy integration.

DSP PC-Tool – fine tuning for highest demands
There is no doubt – the HELIX DSP.3S is easily configurable via our professional and yet very user-friendly DSP PC-Tool software. The numerous adjustment options leave nothing to be desired and thus guarantees extremely precise sound adaption even with complex system configurations.
Inputs6 x RCA / Cinch
6 x Highlevel speaker input
1 x Optical SPDIF (12 - 96 kHz)
1 x Coax SPDIF (12 - 192 kHz)
1 x Remote In
Input sensitivityRCA / Cinch 2 - 4 Volts
Highlevel 5 - 11 Volts
Outputs8 x RCA / Cinch
1 x Remote Out
Output voltage6 Volts
Frequency response10 Hz - 44,000 Hz
DSP resolution64 Bit
DSP power295 MHz (1.2 billion MAC operations/second)
Sampling rate96 kHz
DSP typeAudio signal processor
Signal convertersA/D: BurrBrown
D/A: BurrBrown
Signal-to-noise ratio digital input112 dB (A-weighted)
Signal-to-noise ratio analog input107 dB (A-weighted)
Total harmonic distortion (THD+N) digital input 0.0008 %
Total harmonic distortion (THD+N) analog input 0.002 %
IM distortion (IMD) digital input 0.003 %
IM distortion (IMD) analog input 0.005 %
Crosstalk 90 dB
Operating voltage9.6 - 17 Volts (max. 5 sec. down to 6 Volts)
Power ratingDC 12 V ⎓ 3 A max.
Current draw 450 mA
Max. remote output current500 mA
Additional featuresHEC slot, Ground lift switch, Smart Control Port, 32 Bit CoProcessor, ADEP.3 circuit, Auto Remote switch
Dimensions (H x W x D)40 x 177 x 120 mm /
1.58 x 6.97 x 4.72”.