OUTLET Rainbow IL-C6.2 KIA

Rainbow IL-C6.2 KIA


Rainbow 6.5″ component speaker set for Kia

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The Rainbow IL-C6.2 KIA is a car-specific speaker set that works with several Kia car models. The midbass element of the series is fully Plug & Play, sitting directly in place of the original speaker, both in its mounting and connection. The body of the speaker is shaped like the original, even the necessary seals are already attached to the body. This makes installation really easy and simple to perform. The tweeter element in the series is the Rainbow DL-T20 silk dome tweeter. An element with a good sound and a very small physical size that can fit in virtually any car′s original installation location. The fastening can be done easily with hot glue, glue or whatever you want because the element is very light. The separate crossover filter unit is micro in size, making it easy to install in any car. The treble is not directly Plug & Play for a few reasons. A series is made that is suitable for all car models that use the same midbass element. This significantly reduces manufacturing costs and allows for even better quality at a lower cost. With the surface, angle and flush mounting cups that come with the treble, it is also possible to mount the treble in a different way than in the original location. If the original location is bad and you want even better sound from the series.